Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. –H.L. Mencken

Daily Mail: Indiana man pays speeding “tax” with pennies

More and more people are getting fed up with the state’s rules and regulations which serve only to keep people in line and fill the state’s coffers.  Kudos to Mr. … Continue reading

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Support Your Local School District

…whether you like it or not. For the past several weeks leading up to the opening day of school, there has been nothing but weeping and gnashing of teeth from … Continue reading

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“Each page is torn and hard to read…”

Happy Birthday, Willie! From pot smoking tax cheat to over the top ‘patriot’ and Farm Aid headliner, you are a fitting portrait of the average American – an enigma. On … Continue reading

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Here & Now

On my way home from the airport today, I caught Here & Now on NPR. There were three stories in a row that deserve commenting, but I’ll keep it short. … Continue reading

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I’m Sure That Will Work

@SenRandPaul How about you just stop stealing from us in the first place? — Andrew Clark (@n1ghtstr1k3) March 22, 2013

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John Boehner Slips Up And Admits Taxation Is Stealing

…but says he’s OK with the current level of theft. “How much more money do we want to steal from the American people to fund more government?  I’m for no … Continue reading

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“And all the while I relied on this honesty…”

Politico posted the transcript of a speech, given by Barack Obama, that expresses his views on the upcoming sequestration.  Now, I would love to run through the entire speech and tell you … Continue reading

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Krugman Is Disillusioned With Obama

This is great. Krugman is mad about what the so-called fiscal cliff deal could be: “only a 37 percent rate on top incomes, and a rise in the Medicare eligibility … Continue reading

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Smoke and Mirrors

The title of this article in the Washington Post is “Obama urges public to pressure Congress on extending tax cuts for the middle class”. Notice the wording. It’s referred to … Continue reading

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