Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. –H.L. Mencken

Book Review: No Place To Hide

Glenn Greenwald’s new book, No Place To Hide, is the summation of the last year of working with Edward Snowden and publishing articles and documentation of the NSA’s totally illegal … Continue reading

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Is The NSA Responsible For Heartbleed?

The latest critical Internet vulnerability, affectionately known as Heartbleed, has raised some questions about whether the NSA is involved. The bug, technically labeled as CVE-2014-0160, is a vulnerability in the security … Continue reading

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Christmas Movies Part 4

From The Nice List: Enemy of the State Enemy of the State was released as a spy-thriller in 1998 when Edward Snowden was 15, but today it seems to be … Continue reading

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The ‘If you weren’t depressed before, listen to this’ Edition – Podcast Episode 14

The ‘If you weren’t depressed before, listen to this’ Edition On this edition: The Sad Case of Miriam Carey The Really Fake Government Shutdown The NSA does not track your … Continue reading

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XKCD on Internet Privacy

According to this comic, I am equal parts conspiracy nut, philosopher, and exhibitionist (in the sense of blaming every current computer issue I have on the NSA).

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NSA “Privacy Officer” Job Description Requires Browser Tracking Cookie To Access

There’s nothing like a good dose of irony to start your week. Here’s a job at the NSA as a “Civil Liberties & Privacy Officer” working at Fort Meade, MD. … Continue reading

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Delenda est Carthago Podcast – Episode 13

The “12 million+ people can be wrong” Edition of the Podcast This Episode: Grand Theft Auto V Rand Paul and the Government Shutdown NSA and Israel NSA’s Feelings Are Hurt … Continue reading

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NSA Trek

If this isn’t the perfect picture of just how narcissistic and power-mad these NSA scumbags are, I don’t know what is. Keith Alexander, the current director of the NSA, and … Continue reading

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Delenda est Carthago Podcast – Episode 12

The “Andy: Why do you keep telling me it’s your birthday?” Edition of the Podcast This Episode: Special Guest: Andy’s Brother, Carl Andy, Aaron, and Carl break down Al Mohler’s … Continue reading

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