Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. –H.L. Mencken

Friday Music: Pretty Soon Now I Won’t Come Around

This song is about… I had this girlfriend who lived in San Francisco. I lived in Berkeley and she lived on the far side of San Francisco and, uh, her mother … Continue reading

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Taxation as Theft

“But, above all, the crucial monopoly is the State’s control of the use of violence: of the police and armed services, and of the courts—the locus of ultimate decision-making power … Continue reading

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Friday Music: Wash My Trouble Down…

Seasick Steve singing and playing guitar. Jack White (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather) on drums. Alison Mosshart (The Kills, The Dead Weather) singing. John Paul Jones (Led … Continue reading

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Friday Music: Confidence and its limits

Confidence. When you hear that word you might think it is always good. But it’s not always good. There are limits to confidence. At a certain level it becomes boldness, … Continue reading

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Obey the King

Ecclesiastes Chapter 8 –  from the 1599 Geneva Bible’s To obey Princes and Magistrates to the New American Standard Bible’s Obey Rulers – is entitled something along the line of … Continue reading

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Friday Music: Of Melodies Pure and True…

Poetry, one of my first loves, has a certain power based in the paring down and molding of words into beautiful statements. Of course these beautiful statements can be expressed in many ways … Continue reading

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A Happy Birthday Nota Bene

As it is the birthday of my wonderful, beautiful, and amazing wife, I thought I would share some fantastic things posted on her birthday: While I thought Doug Wilson had … Continue reading

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Friday Music: We Can Use the Wood

Every once in a while there is this creeping sort of sadness or desperation I fall into for a while. There is absolutely nothing to it but a desire to ‘be … Continue reading

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Everything is awesome – except when your neighbor is a jerk.

Tom Woods, Bob Murphy, and Andy have all taken on the issue of whether or not the Non-aggression Principle is sufficient for libertarians to be considered ‘good’ or ‘nice’ guys or … Continue reading

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