Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. –H.L. Mencken

A Note To Christians About Evolution

Manny_(close_up)I started to write about the Bill Nye/Ken Ham “debate” back when it was held in February, but I never got around to finishing it.  I still might, but in the mean time a friend forwarded me this evolution vs. creation Think Progress article the other day and I think it warrants some comment.

The article is about an eight-year-old girl, Olivia McConnell, in South Carolina trying to get the state legislature to pass a bill making the woolly mammoth the official state fossil.  One of the senators, Kevin Bryant, added two verses from Genesis to the bill to “credit God with the creation of the ancient mammal.”

Bryant says this is a symbolic move and his colleague senator Mike Fair [sic] said he won’t continue to block the bill because he finally realized the damage it might do to his political career for fighting a little girl heard “about Olivia’s campaign.”

I have two comments to make about this, the first to conservative Christians and the second to everyone else.

To conservative Christians:

Stop.  You’re not helping.  In fact you’re doing the opposite.  You’re embarrassing yourselves and the rest of us and bringing disrepute on the name of Christ.  You’re doing exactly what you accuse liberals/progressives/democrats/etc of doing, namely shoving their views down other people’s throats.

Where did Jesus say that you need to use the power of the state to advance the Gospel?  You need to ask yourself whether beating your political opponents and scoring points with your constituents is more important than obedience to God.  This goes for conservative Christian voters as well.

What little faith you must have in the power of the Gospel if you feel the need to use the comparatively pathetic power of man’s government to proclaim it.

And just because the state says that the earth is millions of years old or the Big Bang happened or 7+6=12 does not make it so.  If what you are really worried about is that your children will be taught something not in accord with your values, then here’s your solution: take them out of the government’s school and teach them yourself.

To everyone else:

This is what you hold up to us as the paradigm of governance, the pinnacle of human organization, a system that steals from productive people and then pays other people to argue about what the state fossil should be?  Yes, what a worthwhile institution, this government of yours.  Without it, who would have murdered those 260,000,000 people in the 20th century?

I know, I know.  But without it, who will build the roads, right?

Abolish the state.

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