Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. –H.L. Mencken

Judge Invalidates Rahmaland Ban on Guns

In what almost seems like the tiniest ray of light being let in, Judge Richard Posner has “invalidated Illinois’s ban on carrying loaded weapons in public and given the General Assembly 180 days to come up with a new law that meets the Second Amendment.”

Unfortunately for the people of Illinois, the order also states:

Nevertheless we order our mandate stayed for 180 days to allow the Illinois legislature to craft a new gun law that will impose reasonable limitations, consistent with the public safety and the Second Amendment as interpreted in this opinion, on the carrying of guns in public.

It remains to be seen what “reasonable limitations” will mean to Illinois legislators, and if Posner simply wants to be remembered for this, but knows that guns will still be highly regulated.

Or this could be a way to put the issue to rest forever, as it will go to a higher court and possibly be struck down.

What may be more puzzling, however, than Posner coming to this decision, is how he comes to any decision.

A quick look at his list of positions on Wikipedia reveals:

Abortion: For

Animal Rights: Against – “He stated it is wrong to give as much weight to a dog’s pain as to an infant’s pain.”

Antitrust laws: For – “he viewed lower prices as the essential end goal of any antitrust policy.”

Drugs: Opposes the War on Drugs – “I don’t think that we should have a fraction of the drug laws that we have. I think it’s really absurd to be criminalizing possession or use or distribution of marijuana.”

Intellectual Property: For – “supported the creation of a law barring hyperlinks or paraphrasing of copyrighted material” and For Patent and Copyright laws

Police Recording: Against – this one is strange, he said “Yeah, I know. But I’m not interested, really, in what you want to do with these recordings of peoples’ encounters with the police….” Posner continued: “Once all this stuff can be recorded, there’s going to be a lot more of this snooping around by reporters and bloggers…. I’m always suspicious when the civil liberties people start telling the police how to do their business.”

Prisoners: Posner wrote that Easterbrook’s decision that female guards could watch male prisoners while in the shower or bathroom must stem from a belief that prisoners are “members of a different species, indeed as a type of vermin, devoid of human dignity and entitled to no respect…. I do not myself consider the 1.5 million inmates of American prisons and jails in that light.”

Privacy: Against

Torture: For

If these aren’t some of the most confused set of beliefs, I don’t know what are.

It seems to give merit to my skepticism.

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